Thursday, December 07, 2006

Post Mortem

For some reason this wonderfully insightful, hilarious, and true as a ruler from the Gods site was deleted from existence.

I, Dick Masterson, took the liberty of preserving not only the name, but the content as well. Visit the new site at If you are the original author, please contact me so, if nothing else, we can learn the fate of this site.


P.S. If was indeed brought down for reasons of censorship, then it sure would be a super-sized fuckup to not have procured that name on the rebound.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a near-sighted man learns by enforced observation to recognize persons at a distance when the face is not visible to the normal eye, so the man with a bad memory learns, almost unconsciously, to listen carefully and report accurately.. Podington, who thought they were going to drown.. After this debut in speaking, he went to the exhibition for two days more, to the mutual satisfaction of all concerned.. Goethe's words-- To earth, this weary earth, ye bring us, To guilt ye let us heedless go-- take on another meaning in this connection.. The war-cloud's rolling Dun , he answered. Or they said, 'What a wild, giddy girl!' and I saw a glancing, dancing mountain stream, pure as the virgin snows whence it flowed, singing through sun and shade, over pearls and gold dust, slipping along unstained by weed, or rain, or heavy foot of cattle, touching the flowers with a dewy kiss,--a beam of grace, a happy song, a line of light, in the dim and troubled landscape.. She was going to market with her cook, who carried the basket.. The dream is not a pathological phenomenon, and it does not leave behind an enfeeblement of the mental faculties.. But what is the relation of the foreconscious day remnants to the dream? There is no doubt that they penetrate abundantly into the dream, that they utilize the dream content to obtrude themselves upon consciousness even during the night; indeed, they occasionally even dominate the dream content, and impel it to continue the work of the day; it is also certain that the day remnants may just as well have any other character as that of wishes; but it is highly instructive and even decisive for the theory of wish-fulfillment to see what conditions they must comply with in order to be received into the dream.. Watkinson aside to Mrs.. Nothing is to disturb the mind; the Forec.. I grant that it was more harmonious with her superb beauty and her rich attire.. Just as in the dream, there is no limit to further over-determination.. The Colonel picked it up, fitting the shining blade in it, clicked the spring, and then rising, with a face of courtesy yet of unmistakably genuine pain, and with even a slight tremor in his voice, said, gravely: Mr.. For the moment, I will simply call your attention to the quantity.. And odd enough, too, I ventured to reply; but I was always under the impression that an angel had wings.. We reported dreams which were apparently dreams of convenience.. Here the censor had been deceived so successfully that under the mask of an innocent complaint a phantasy was admitted to consciousness which otherwise would have remained in the foreconscious.. Let us now try to correct some views which might be erroneously formed as long as we regarded the two systems in the crudest and most obvious sense as two localities within the psychic apparatus, views which have left their traces in the terms repression and penetration.. The postmark showed that it was from New York.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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